Open all your favorite apps at once #Linux #bash

ADMAT Bandara
1 min readJun 11, 2021

If you are a developer you should know the DRY concept which stands for


But, everyday we used to open our needed apps one by one. For example Skype, Teams, Terminal, Browsers, IntelliJ etc.

Adding them in the startup is not a good idea since, we might not use all these apps at all time. So what we could do is to create a custom file which can open up all our favorite apps.

Step 01 — Create bash file


Step 02 — Add the application you need

The applications you have installed can be seen in the following directory


you can add multiple applications using “&”, here is an example

GNU nano 4.8                                                                   
/usr/bin/terminator &
/usr/bin/firefox &
/usr/bin/google-chrome &
/usr/bin/teams &
/opt/Postman/Postman &

exit 0

You could also create multiple bash files like this for different aspects and run them whenever you need.


That’s all here.

Cheers !!!