Install Protocol Buffer Compiler — Linux

This is a quick article to explain the steps about installing the google protocol buffer compiler.

here is the main link you have to follow

Grap your version . In my case I have Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.

I am gonna take the “protobuf-all-3.13.0.tar.gz

Step 01

Then, Download and extract the file.

Step 02

Go inside the folder and


Step 03

Do the make command. This might take some time to complete.


Step 04

Do the make check command to makefile.

make check

at the end of this test, a report will be given. like this

Step 05

Now, let’s install the file.

sudo make install

Step 06

Let’s refresh the shared library cache once done.

sudo ldconfig

Step 07

Done !!!

Just test it out with the version command

protoc --version




Developer ❤️ JS

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ADMAT Bandara

ADMAT Bandara

Developer ❤️ JS

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