How to publish a Ruby on Rails Project to Heroku

I write this article to show the steps can be used to deploy your rails application into server. For this I am using Heroku.

What is Heroku ?

Heroku is a cloud platform that lets companies build, deliver, monitor and scale apps.

Check the above link to see more about this platform.

  1. Create a Heroku account

Use the following link to sign up

Image 1 — Sign up page

2. Login to your account through terminal

Image 2 — Login to heroku using the terminal

3. Create the project on Heroku

Image 3 — Creating the project

4. Push the Project to Heroku

Image 4 — Pushing the project to heroku
Image 5 — Complete terminal log after pushing

5. Add the database

To add the database please follow the following steps mention in the link

All Done !


If you want to see all the apps you have created

If you need to delete any app created

Senior Software Engineer ❤️ Node | Ruby

Senior Software Engineer ❤️ Node | Ruby