How to activate test environment in Freja eID

ADMAT Bandara
3 min readOct 30, 2017


I write this article to show you the steps needed to activate the test environment in the mobile application “Freja eID”.

  1. Download the App

2. Open the downloaded App

3. Make the notifications allow from the above screen

4. Click on start

5. Click on activate button (Green color)

6. Following screen top bar is in blue color. Which says that this is the production application. This is where we need to switch to testing environment. Just press the General terms toggle button for 6 times.

7. Test mode activate — initial screen. Press confirm now.

Now the application will close. Start the application again. And now you are in testing environment. Follow the same step until you get

8. Accept both Terms and Policy… Click on Accept.

Now you can register with the email. Just type the email and press send.

Accept the verification email you get within 10 minutes.

And you can set a PIN number.

That’s all.

After all, application can be seen like this.

If you have a freja authentication system those notifications will be shown in the above screen where you can accept or decline.