Are you just a programmer ? Don’t be!

ADMAT Bandara
3 min readApr 15, 2020

I know that you will agree with me when I say being a programmer is not easy.Here is my opinion on the matter.

A programmer has to

  • work hard (most obvious thing)
  • be flexible with various technologies
  • compete with upcoming technologies
  • worry about security, code conventions, testing and many more…

Questions you might come up with, when you are starting to work as a programmer

  • How many languages do I have to learn ?
  • What is the best language to learn ?
  • What are the most common interview questions ?
  • Which company is the best to work ?
  • What is difference between this, that and something else?
  • How to create a resume ?

So many questions to answer, right?

Programming is just a tool we use to build stuff, automate things like processes and workflows, to connect things. we can simply say, it is a tool to build cool stuff.

Programming is just boring !

If you know what to do, and have good instructions, requirements, all materials ready to go, this programming is just boring. Because… ?

What a programmer does, is to give instructions to the machine to get expected results, and he does this over and over again.

People spend many hours in front of a computer coding or debugging the code. Some of them quit technologies or stay with the most comfortable one they are familiar with. (Just staying in the comfortable zone for the rest of their lives).

Because, most of us forget why we start programming,

I actually started programming after seeing the cool stuff that are out there which are being built by programming. ex: Games, Cool tech items, Software etc.

So, don't just learn “how to program”.

Build something useful

Build something that matters

Build something that solves a problem

Explain to others how you learn things

Share your knowledge (Write blogs, Do tutorials, Tech meetups etc.)

Think like this….

You are

not just a programmer, as i have written above, use programming as a tool to express yourself, to show what you are.

The main problem I see,

is most of the people just learn programming to get into the job, just to get the certificate, or pass the interview and such reasons.

What I wanted to see,

is to use programming skills to make something that has an impact on the society, do something good with your code.

for example,

If you are a speaker, do tech talks, meetups,

If you are a teacher, do seminars, teach students, write books etc.

If you are a writer, convince the tech people by witting tech stuff,

If you are interested in blockchain, build a distributed network of people who need help.

If you are into AI and NLP, build bots that can help people with real time communications.

If you are into Data science, Analyse and predict what people need before they ask for it

So, don’t just be a programmer who learns how to code for the job or the certificate. Be a programmer who has an impact on the society. Change your entire way of thinking

Good luck with that !