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Senior Software Engineer ❤️ Node | Ruby

I recently started working on some JAVA back end issues.

Never coded java since 2012. So…. FUN STUFF AHEAD :)

Even building the project was somewhat a challenge for me. let’s say I have build and ran the project somehow. Now it’s time to do some changes to the code…

Well, Writing a test case is something that most developers would neglect to do. But this is also the most important part in the software project life cycle. So here in this article I share my experience on how to test your JavaScript code.

let’s take a very simple function…

If you are a developer you should know the DRY concept which stands for


But, everyday we used to open our needed apps one by one. For example Skype, Teams, Terminal, Browsers, IntelliJ etc.

Adding them in the startup is not a good idea since…

I got a great opportunity to do a seminar for Dhamma School students about the above topic. I consider this opportunity is great for both the students and myself because the students get knowledge about IT and related topics plus I could improve myself on public speaking. …

I hope you have some idea about in-app purchase. Anyway this article is about how I validated the apple in-App purchase receipt via

Basically the process includes 2 basic things.

  1. Mobile application (iOS) should have the receipt to be validated.
  2. Web server should receive the receipt and send the…

Since I had to work more in the front-end than the back-end development these days I had a great chance to explore Angular. what we all need is the simplicity in the project. What if we can separate the components in a single big project into several projects and reuse…

Most important thing is to have in mind is all of the rules in Protocol Buffers applies here. Whatever you can do in protocol buffers you could do it with gRPC.

If you have no experience with Protocol buffers, have a look at this

service Student {
rpc GetByStudentNumber…

Once the OS is installed brand new, Please go through the following steps. I just write this for myself.

01. Install Browsers and Sync Data

Firefox, Chrome, Chromium and Sync them. (Make Chrome default)

02. Install Software

I am a developer + tutor. So I need the following things.

Development Software

  1. Terminator (My favorite Terminal)
  2. Postman
  3. VS code (for…

This is a quick article to explain the steps about installing the google protocol buffer compiler.

here is the main link you have to follow

Grap your version . In my case I have Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.

I am gonna take the “protobuf-all-3.13.0.tar.gz

Step 01

Then, Download and extract the…

All this time I used to write REST APIs. I knew there are some others ways for this purpose, but I have never tried any of that. Meanwhile I heard about gRPC which is the next level communication on HTTP/2.

So, I thought of sharing my experience about gRPC. This…

ADMAT Bandara

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